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Prompt Genius - Explore the full potential of chatGPT | Product Hunt Prompt Genius - Explore the full potential of ChatGPT | Product Hunt

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Main Features Of PromptGenius


PromptGenius quickly generates optimized prompts, saving users time spent brainstorming and editing. For example, typing "opt:" before an email prompt can generate optimized suggestions that save time and energy.

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Increased productivity

The extension increases productivity by suggesting relevant and engaging ideas, allowing users to write efficiently without worrying about brainstorming. Optimized prompts can help create more informative and engaging content in a shorter amount of time.

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Improved accuracy

The AI-powered algorithm generates accurate and relevant prompts, helping users write focused and error-free content. Optimized prompts can include all relevant information and avoid any inaccuracies.

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Enhanced creativity

The extension enhances creativity by suggesting unique and engaging prompts, breaking writer's block and inspiring new ideas. Optimized prompts can help users come up with new and exciting ideas for their content.

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About Us

Why we built PromptGenius

As avid users of ChatGPT, we often saw posts on social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn that shared a list of "10 prompts to unleash the true potential of ChatGPT." We would save these posts for future reference, but when we needed them urgently, we couldn't find them easily. It was frustrating to spend so much time searching for these prompts when we could be using that time to write high-quality content.

That's when we decided to build Prompt Genius, a Chrome extension that allows users to write the perfect prompt on-the-go using AI inside the ChatGPT page. With Prompt Genius, users can quickly generate optimized prompts that save them time and effort. No more searching through saved posts or wasting time brainstorming ideas - Prompt Genius is the solution to all your prompt-related problems.

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PS: Please note that the one-time payment is for the extension only. After using the 20 free credits, you will need to recharge your account with credits to continue using the extension. Each credit equals one prompt generated by AI, which consumes GPU hosting. Unlike other extensions that show static data, our extension uses AI to generate the best possible prompts. A recharge of 100 credits costs $10.


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